Apple company is one of the world’s largest leading brands. As we all know that Apple is a company that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and other electronic devices. Apple introduced a line of products in the past and continues to introduce it until now. The quality of the apple products are really high and it just provides good customer services to their users. Sleek designs and high-performance Apple’s devices are also expensive in price. The company has quite a long historical and interesting background. You just have to stick to the topic to know about that who are the geniuses that changed the meaning of technology by creating Apple products.

The History of Apple:

Apple was founded by three men, two of them are college dropouts. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne were the three men who built from a small garage in Calfornia and make it the world’s largest company. They started from a garage on 1st April 1976. Firstly, they made a hand-built personal computer which was named Apple 1 at that time. Apple 1 was designed by Steve Wozniak and was different from the personal computers of that era. It contained only a motherboard with CPU, RAM and Video Chip only. Apple 1 earned a fancy amount and  Wozniak received much appreciation for his work.

In 1977, Mike Markkula, multimillionaire took an interest in Apple’s company and become the owner of a one-third shareholder in the company.

Ronald Wayne was the first logo designer of the company. He made a hand sketch of the Apple logo. Later he split himself from the company and took a cheque of $800 dollars which would have been cost $72billion, 40 years later. the logo which Wayne was designed for the company was later replaced by the bitten apple, designed in 1977 by Rob Janoff.


APPLE ll and Apple lll:

Wozniak in 1977, introduced Apple ll as was became the center of interest if many people at that time. With the improved technology, efficient in working Apple ll was better than its previous generation Apple l. Along with the extended slots in order to attach floppy disk drives and other accessories, Apple ll consisted of an integrated keyboard. The use of color graphics made Apple ll unique among other computers of that era. With this technology, Apple ll brought a revolution in the technology sector.

In 1980, the competition was becoming more challenging and difficult with IBM and Microsoft. Apple launched Apple lll. Due to technological issues and fault in the design, apple lll could not become successful and do not gain public interest like apple l and apple ll.

The Macintosh Computers:

In 1983, Wozniak left the company due to its falling reputation. After his resignation, Jobs hired John Sculley and appointed him the new CEO of apple’s company.

In 1984, Apple introduced its most powerful and successful computer The Macintosh Computers. It is basically a personal computer having a proper built-in screen and a mouse. Macintosh computers contained GUI, known as a graphic user interface, which allows the user to interact with the visual icons. Along with GUI, the computer featured an operating system known as system 1. These computers consisted of software programs like Word processor, Mac write and the graphics editor MacPaint. Despite using good and latest technology the Macintosh computers couldn’t break IBM’S dominance. So the frustration between Jobs and John Sculley continues to increase. Due to this increasing frustration, Steve Jobs left the company, in 1985.

The Decline of Apple:

After splitting jobs from the apple company, He founded his own company NeXT software and determined to do big things. Apple was doing good business from the 1980s to the 1990s, by working on the jobs plans which he set for the company before leaving. From 1990 to 1996, Apple is facing serious and huge Financial losses. In 1993, Sculley was fired from the company and Michael Spindler was appointed as the New CEO of the apple company. This replacement was not considered fruitful as it could not save the company from loss. In 1996, Micael Spindler was replaced by Gill Amelio. He carried out various changes in the company but all in vain. He then decided to ring steve back to his position and Purchasing his company NeXT for $429  million.

Rise to Profit:

In 1997, jobs Joined back the apple company and became the CEO of the company. Amelio was resigned from the company. Jons made several changes in the company and also made an alliance with Microsoft.

The iMac and iPod:

In 1997, jobs introduced the new version of the personal computers and called them the iMac. iMac is unique in its design and the use of the latest technology makes it impressive. The semi-plastic case and the use of modern technology makes it unique.

Apple also worked on digital media and provide its users with digital tools. Video editing product known as iMovie was also released by the Apple in October 1999. Like this, the photo editing product called I-photo was also released by Apple.

iPods,iTunes and Macbook:

In 2001, Apple introduced iPods for its users. The first version was released in October. It a portable music player that allows users to store and listen to music wherever they go and where they want to listen. Later iPod shuffle, iPod nano, and iPod touch was launched by Apple in 2015.

In 2003, Apple introduced the iTunes music store. From this, the user can easily purchase any music and listen to that music. In 2005, iTunes was declared the world’d largest music retailer.

In 2006, Macbook Pro was released by Apple, which was the first laptop by Apple possessing the Intel Core Processor.


Apple continues to increase its consumer electronic market and bring changes in the field of revolution. In 2007, Apple released the new version of smartphones called iPhones. Later new models of iPhone are coming every year with new and improved features. Sleek designs, compatible in use and amazing features, iPhones gaining numerous importance among people. The latest version of iPhones includes 6s, 6splus, 7s. 7s plus 8s, 8s plus, iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR and iPhone 11.

Apple conclusion:

Tim cook is the new CEO of apple company after the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. Apple is launching new products which include the latest versions of iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, iMac. Apple watches and HomePods are some other new Apple products. Apple has successfully declared the first $1 trillion company in the world’s history.

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