laptop requirements for medical school

For seeking admission in medical school, the most important equipment that the student possesses is laptop. Laptops are your best companion during your medical journey. Wherever you go, you can take it everywhere.

Laptop Requirements For Medical School

Due to technological importance laptops plays an important role in studies. For seeking admission in medical colleges and schools the most important equipment that the student possesses should have their own laptops. The laptop can help out students with their studies and classes and make their schooling easier. Laptops are substituting notebooks and help you providing notes in a more effective way. Editing and writing of notes are also convenient in group work and study. Combined with the accessibility and connectivity facility laptops makes the student’s life comfortable and help to get through their studies.

Laptop Requirements For Medical School

Being a medical student, the most important tool that you should have is a laptop. Laptops are your best companion during your medical journey. Wherever you go you can take it everywhere. It saves your time, assignments and notes also. You can take any help with your laptop when you face any difficulty in your assignments. You can do research on it and also read various researches that take place in the field of medicine and also send E-mails to your professor in case of any queries related to your study.

Apart from these laptops can give numerous advantages to medical school students. It is better to say that the laptop is a problem solver in the life of medical students. All the medical universities instruct their students to bring their laptops in medical classes and also in exams. All universities set some minimum requirements for students’ laptops. But if the students are planning to use their current laptop than it’s ok but it should meet the minimum requirements as assigned by the university.

Minimum Laptop Requirement for Medical School:

Laptops should be replaced every three to four years for efficient working. (When I Should Get A New Laptop) The minimum laptop requirements for Medical schools are

  • ¬†Intel Dual-Core i5 2.4GHz CPU
  • 64-bit Operating System with 8GB of RAM (32-bit Operating System with 4GB of RAM is acceptable).
  • A clear & Reasonably sized screen with a minimum resolution of 1024×768.
  • Wireless Networking Capabilities.
  • Two Functioning USB ports.
  • Internal Storage of 500 GB.
  • A laptop may be of Mac (Mac OS 10.11 or newer) or a Windows-based laptop (Window 10)

Minimum Requirement for Window Laptop Computers and Mac Laptop:


Students whose laptops posses all these requirements are suitable for use in medical schools. Otherwise, they have to buy a new laptop for their medical schools. For purchasing a new laptop for medical school, the following requirements should be kept in mind. Battery life, design, price, weight, memory, storage capacity, and performance are just a few specifications to keep in mind. The students can keep in mind that the laptop should be budget-friendly and gives you high performance.

Mandatory Laptop Requirements For Medical School:

Processing power, storage, memory, battery life, weight graphics, and price are the mandatory features that a laptop should possess to be used in medical schools.

Processing Power:

The processing power of a computer is its ability to solve complex calculations and breaking of information. Before purchasing a laptop one should keep in mind the newer generation of processor. The newer generation will be much faster than the previous one. Intel Core i5 or i7 both are good processors. Based on their speed, power and function both are really good But based on the budget, i3 is a good choice. i5 and i7 are good because it has really a good life speed and performance as compared to i3.


The medical students who want the laptop for their schools should have sufficient memory that they can use to store numerous information notes, assignments and various research publications. You can find a laptop that has really good memory neither too little nor too much. It should possess such a good memory that you can delete your previous items to make space for the new items. For gaming or other purposes, the laptop use should be of high RAM but the laptop which is used in medical schools will not need more RAM. 8GB or 4GB RAM is sufficient for the students of medical school. Moreover, it also depends on the budget that which amount of RAM you should need.


The key feature that one can consider before buying a laptop is its storage space. The more storage space laptop has it means that there is more opportunity for you to store files of larger size. If you are a medical student and also a music and movie lover, then you should get a laptop that has a really good storage space.

Storage drives in laptops are mainly divided into two categories: SSD and HDD. SSD has more space, while HDD has less space. SSD is expensive but on the other hand, the HDD is cheaper. For students, a drive of 256 GB, 512 GB or more is recommended. The choice you made according to storage will definitely depend on your budget.

Battery Life:

The battery life of the laptop is the most important feature one can keep in mind while purchasing a laptop. Battery performance and longevity are measured by its battery life. The battery life of a laptop should be really good so that it can power the laptop before turning off. For medical students, the battery life of a laptop should not be less than that of 8 hours. Medical students have to do continuous work of the whole day so that the should choose battery life according to their needs of 8 hours or more.


The weight of the laptop does not contain as much importance as the battery life, RAM and processor. The weight of the laptop should be according to its model, design, and size. For the medical students, the laptops should neither be too large, bulky or heavy that you can’t carry it with ease. It should be of a sleek size and lighter in weight. So that you could carry it from your home to classes. Smaller and lighter size laptops also aid students in traveling especially if they go on a study tour.


Graphics also termed as GPU, which means the graphics processor unit. For medical schools, laptops with standard GPU is more applicable. On the other hand for gaming and other purposes, GPU of high capacity is used for that instance.

So we discussed the most important features and requirements one should consider while purchasing a laptop for medical school. Now let’s talk about the software which medical students should install or have on their laptops.

 The software in a laptop:

Medical students after purchasing a laptop for their medical school should download several programs and software which are compatible with their laptop system. Firstly the students should install the antivirus or malware software. All the students are directed to install this either they are Apple laptops computer users or window laptops computer users.

Office software is needed in the laptop for students. This is for the purpose to open notes and other documents in Microsoft Word, Microsoft office excel Powerpoint and Abode PDF Files. For this student have to download Office software to gain access to notes and other files which are given to them by their professors. For the students who want to make notes use Microsoft OneNote. With this, you can make your own notes and share them with others. All these Microsoft software can be downloaded easily and will be free of cost.

Where should you buy computer hardware and software:

After knowing the requirements for medical schools laptop and purchasing the laptop for medical schools the main concern of medicals students are to install the relevant Softwares. The main concern and the question arise in their mind is that from where they can purchase and get the right software for their laptops. It’s not a big deal as much. You can get a variety of relevant software from various sources. First, you should check in from the manufacturer from where you get your laptop. You can also check online deals and retailers for software and also check it at your local retail outlet. You can also buy it from your university’s official websites by getting yourself registered at the university web portal.

Best Laptops for Medical Students

There are various kinds of understudies in various locales, however, among every one of these classifications therapeutic understudies are to some degree unique. The explanation for this wonder is that; they are more studios and members with exploring base investigations.

There are various methods for contemplating and research. You can utilize a tablet, cell phone, personal computer, and so forth yet separated from these all, there are ideal and versatile gadgets known as a PC which encourages you superior to different methods.

I will talk about the Best Laptop for Medical Students. By perusing this article, you have the option to choose and purchase the best PC for you. Here are some fundamental basic examinations of each and everything in note pads and particularly.

1-MacBook Air


The principal takeaway from the Air’s presentation is its SSD (Solid State Drive), this is one of the quickest if not the quickest SSD type you’ll discover available. Every last bit of its renditions gangs one.

MacBook Air

This essentially implies you’ll have your PC boot up in a moment or two, look for records, spare, open and dispatch applications instantly, These seconds will include and you’ll wind up with more opportunity for you to concentrate on your examinations.

Every last bit of its designs is sufficient for medicinal understudies: center i5 w/4GB RAM, center i5 w/8GB RAM, center i7, and so forth. It doesn’t make a difference. I would simply maintain a strategic distance from Core i7 setups since you’ll have penance battery life for the control you won’t put to great use.

Show and Design

The structure is the principle motivation behind why you think about the Air over some other PC. It’s more slender than paper and more grounded than metal. Not so much however you recognize what I mean. You won’t discover another PC with the equivalent slender structure and unshakable form, you can drop it commonly and it will look all-around great. Mine has endured 3 drops as of now.

The battery life itself is epic which is around 13 hours or significantly more on the off chance that you do homework. Add to that the way that it just loads 3lb level, you’ll have the option to explore and compose your papers essentially anyplace and whenever. This means sparing time while doing schoolwork and having more opportunities to read for tests.

Try not to be tricked by its presentation, it isn’t full HD yet at the same time it’s adequate for performing various tasks, having different windows open alongside one another and to manage those repetitive histology pictures that will appear on your test. The screen size is likewise immaculate to abstain from looking over a lot of while recovering restorative records/data when utilizing bibliographic applications.

The main problem with the Air is the absence of CD ROM Drive if you should run Textbook CD Activities or the audit for tests applications they think of. No stresses however you can generally get an outer CD Reader and append it to the Air for those couple of occasions. This is in reality progressively effective, since you may not generally need a PC with a CD ROM Drive since it will get heavier.

2-ASUS ZenBook

ASUS model is an extraordinary option in contrast to the MacBook Air’s slim plan and conveys ability.


ASUS zenBook

Truly it has a quicker processor than the MacBook Air’s seventh or sixth-gen center i5. The new eighth era Core i5 processor offers more clock speed, as well as four centers rather than 2 more established ages, furnish you with. This is a decent expansion to have yet again absolutely pointless for restorative school.

For RAM and Storage gadget and GPU, the ASUS ZenBook has almost indistinguishable specs from the Airs. The main contrast would be the Air’s NVMe PCIe based SSD which is 5x quicker than the SATA III SSD the Zenbook right now has, its SSD anyway still a few times quicker than a customary and moderate hard circle drive.

The main genuine drawback would be its battery life which is around 8-9 hours contrasted with Air’s +13 hours. It does anyway have a higher goal at full HD or 1080p.

3-Dell XPS9360-5203SLV

If you have the money and have been a Mac Hater for your entire life, you can go for the Dell XPS arrangement which is the reaction from Windows PCs to Apple’s MacBook plan. Truth be told, regarding execution and movability the Dell XPS9360-5203SLV is somewhat superior to the current MacBook arrangement.


Dell XPS360-5203SLV

The exhibition is similarly as configurable as the Surface Pro. It begins from a center i3 processor with 4GB RAM and 128 SSD up to a center i7 with 16GB RAM and 1 TB SSD. Anyway, it doesn’t have the quicker PCIe NVMe SSD both the Air and Surface Pro have, this shouldn’t be an issue since the thing that matters isn’t recognizable for therapeutic understudies and the assignments they continually experience.

Make sure to consistently stay with the 8G RAM and i5 center setup, whatever else over that can be superfluous and will deplete your battery life a lot quicker.

Show and Design

For the show, you can pick between the QHD (3200 x 1800)touch Screen show or the 1080p goals with a matte completion. The two renditions with the equivalent (2.7 pounds) yet have diverse battery lives 6 versus 9 hours, separately.

You should stay with the 1080p showcase, the battery life is unquestionably more significant than some other component for you. The QHD goals won’t be valuable for therapeutic imaging as the GPU turns into a substantially more significant resource for quicker and preferred picture preparing over a showcase with more goals.

Although it’s an ultraportable machine with enough battery life for you to go to class on a solitary charge, it doesn’t have a CD-ROM drive and the WebCam is strangely set at the base of the screen.

While the last issue can undoubtedly be illuminated by moving every one of your Textbooks’ intuitive CDs to a USB Drive or essentially purchasing an outside CD Reader. Thee previous will be an issue if you do happen to video meeting a considerable amount.

The explanation for the odd camera position is its “Limitlessness Edge Display“. This is the name they’ve given to the plan which can fit in greater screen size on a 13” size presentation by having very meager bezels. Although this component may make watching addresses and liveliness all the more engaging and sensible it doesn’t leave enough space for a webcam to be put at the highest point of the screen.

4-Acer Aspire E15 E5-575

This workstation is the least expensive quickest PC you’ll discover today. Which makes it the most mainstream PC sold on the web.

Acer Aspire E15 E5-575

Although the presentation is sufficient for the fundamental undertakings and programming restorative understudies experience. It doesn’t have the strong state drive which sort of gives workstations and PCs a lift the speed and decreasing the time it takes to dispatch software and running basic errands.

Show and Design

Since this is a modest PC, not at all like the top-notch PCs above it is made completely out of plastic (the ASUS ZenBook is half metal/half plastic). Anyway, the construct quality is durable and strong so that shouldn’t stop you from getting it. Strangely it has a full HD goal which most workstations close to its value won’t offer.

The battery life is incredibly long, in reality, keeping pace with the Air. Tragically the weight and versatility are terrible for a therapeutic understudy always moving: 5lb with a 15″ screen isn’t something you can bring to each talk. Maybe If you had a studio or storage. You could manage this downside fine and dandy, else I wouldn’t guidance purchasing a substantial PC except. If you resemble 7 feet tall and used to conveying overwhelming things with you consistently.

This is additionally a decent other option if you plan on having this workstation at your residence for real work. And take your tablet to addresses and clinical for the whole day.

5-Surface Pro

Surface Pro

Had the Surface Pro been an all-out workstation, it would have been recorded number one alongside the MacBook Air. It’s a convertible tablet-PC and as you’ll before long discover is the most needed and helpful gadget a medicinal understudy can have. If you happen to get it for somebody who’s beginning therapeutic school. I can’t think about a superior present for them.


It’s not constrained to taking notes, there entire scope of stuff you can do with it. Among them: taking notes carefully over PP slides, submit advanced written by hand assignments. Sorting out the entirety of your investigation materials into one single area or page (notes, slides, recorded sound, recordings). And make the composed computerized book an with it in addition to additional.

Arrangements run from an m3 center processor with just 4GB RAM+ 128GB SSD for the capacity to a center i7 processor with 16GB of RAM + 1TB SSD for capacity.

6-HP ELITE X2 1012 G1

HP ELITE X2 1012 G1

The Display in this laptop is 12 creeps in size, and this is a full HD IPS touchscreen. The full top-notch will make capable of your screen to show content with exact hues. The goals are 1920 X 1080.

The extra room in this PC dependent on SSD and the limit are 256 GB. SSD is made to spare battery control, and in the event that you introduce applications, it will help like a flash. It likewise works quicker on introduced windows to run smoothly.

The working framework in this PC dependent on Microsoft window 10 experts. It works through a 64-piece framework. The battery of this PC has a long life expectancy and leads your utilization up to 10.25 hours. So you can take a shot at this workstation for a difficult day.




This is the world’s first full view show on this laptop. It covers a 91% body proportion of the workstation. The size of this screen is 13.9 inches, and the goals are 3k. The capacity in this workstation is SSD based, and the limit is 512 GB. SSD has quick booted up execution.

8-LG Gram

LG Gram is likely perhaps the best laptop with the longest enduring battery life ever. It effectively beats any laptop inside its value extend, and even unmistakably more than that. It offers an extreme arrangement that doesn’t deplete the battery too rapidly, so you can utilize this workstation anyplace for an entire day.

LG Gram

The most current variant of LG Gram laptop accompanies some genuine updates, where the processor update unquestionably sticks out. It’s a laptop dependent on the exhibition which will give clients the power and experience they anticipate so as to deal with their ordinary errands wherever they go.

LG Gram is stuffed with one of the most recent Intel Core processors, double channel DDR4 memory, and even highlights two SSD drives. You’ll never come up short on space, while Windows 10 OS will cause the front hurries to easily and that the parts and everything LG offer is spoken to well.

9-MSI PS42

The main thing which hangs out in this MSI Prestige arrangement workstation is that it offers total an incentive for cash. Its astounding presentation will fulfill even proficient level creators. When you lift the top, you will be invited by a 14 inch Full-HD IPS screen covering 94% of NTSC shading array.


The ground-breaking Intel Core i7-8550U quad-center processor having hyper-stringing highlight effectively changes this quill light machine into a workstation-grade one. Its presentation makes certain to take your breath away with the super-quick speed and insignificant power utilization.

Its NVIDIA MX 150 illustrations card can offer help to very good quality designs even over 30 FPS go. The 16 GB in-constructed RAM can handle even the hardest of assignments like an ace blaster. The processor in this PC is from the Intel family, and the most recent age utilized. This is Intel Core i7-8550U. This is from the most recent eighth era.

The slam in this PC has a 16 GB limit. The LPDDR3 is improved than DDR3 on the presentation side. On the off chance that you are running performs various tasks, it will experience easily and with no interference. The battery intensity of this PC can lead you to a taxing day. You can do the perusing on this workstation is 12 hours.

10-ACER SWIFT 3 SF315-41G-R6MP

The presentation prepared in this workstation is 15.6 crawls in size. This is a full HD IPS show. Full HD will give you precise hues in plain view. What’s more, the IPS will assist you in review the various substance from more points.


The capacity in this gadget is SSD based, and the limit is 256 GB. This is sufficient stockpiling for typical tasks. It works quicker when contrasted with the hard circle drives. Acer Swift 3 outfitted with AMD RYZEN 7 processor. It utilizes four centers to process the information. The base clock is 2.2GHz, and the lift up clock rate is 3.8GHz. The TDP of this processor is of course 15W.

The smash in this PC is from DDR4 and the limit is 8GB. With the above assortment of processor 8 GB limit is a lot of enough. This laptop is dependent on the Microsoft window 10 working framework. Where you can chip away at many utilization proficiently.

Laptop Requirements For Medical School Conclusion:

While purchasing a laptop you must do some research. Your research includes the following area that what are the features that my laptop should contain and why. Laptops of various latest models and varieties are available in the market that possesses multiple features. Now it’s your choice that what laptop should meet your needs and suitable for you.

The ideal laptop should be speedy, fast having good RAM and storage capacity. Most importantly it possesses a good battery life and is reliable to use. In the end, you should not forget that the choice you should make depends on your budget. The laptop which you should purchase must be budget-friendly. Apart from these conditions do not forget the laptop. Which you buy for your medical school must meet all the minimum requirements that your medical school assign or as mentioned above.


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