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PC Part Picker

As you all heard about the PC and much familiar with the functions and usage of PC. Do you? If not, then here we will give you a brief introduction to the PCs. PC stands for personal computers and is design for use by a single user at a time. A PC may be a microcomputer, a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet PC or a handheld PC. PC usually consists of parts which include computer case, power supply, Motherboard, RAM, Hard disks, CD/DVD drives. Other external devices such as Visual display, keyboard, printer, and pointing devices are also used in PCs.

So now you are acquainted that what are the parts which a PC should contain, But if you are not interested in the ready-made PCs available in the market and you are planning to make your own PC then you are here at the right place.

Designing your own PC from scrap is such an amazing and fun process. Your Creativity and knowledge can help you to design your own PC. But if you are scared and worried about where to start and how to choose the right and accurate components for your PC that fits in your PC?

PC Part Picker is the answer to all your queries and worries.

PC Part Picker

what is PC Part Picker?:

PC part picker is an online website that allows users to choose and pick parts for their own PC. Do it yourself computer builders can pick and select computer components from the PC part picker website and also compare prices of these components. Pc part picker allows users to assemble their visual part lists and in return, they will provide the compatibility and update them with the price of various components from the most popular online retailers. The website was redesign in 2015, to provide its users with better services.


The website contains a Pre-built PC Build unit. The pre-built unit allows users to see and compare components that are best for their PC. Filterable categories allow users to include all the needed items. Automatic Compatibility guidance is also available. This enables the user to pick the most compatible part for their PC and also warns users if they choose incompatible parts for them. For each hardware part, the website shows some really useful graphs that help users to know about the performance of components. It tells them how well the part is working and it will also save their money. The website provides an easy sharing option through Twitter, Facebook and through many other forums.

Price Tracking and Alerts:

Pc Part Picker continuously updates the price of  PC components from the most popular online retailers. Updating is done so that users can view it directly from the website. Price history charts are also available to users through the website. Customers can also on price alerts feature. Due to this customers can get an email from the retailer when he offers something that has the lowest price. The price range feature allows the users to set a minimum and maximum price range for the components and the website can show you all the items that lie in that range.

Dedicated Benchmark Section:

Dedicated Benchmark Section is the section on the website where the performances of different CPU units can be checked along with their prices. With this feature, one can roughly estimate how their own generated PC will perform as compared to other PCs of the same price or higher. Dedicated  Section also has experts which help the customers to pick the best and the right hardware for their own generated new PC. Anyone who is new in building a PC can take help from this section of the website.

How does it work?:

The functioning of the PC part picker is quite easy and compatible. Every use can handle it easily because it provides them with good services and also it has an expert option. If you can’t understand anything then go to expert advice option.

The website works by evaluating the performance of each component. For this PC part picker will weigh each component like graphics card, processors and others in order to test its compatibility, performance and working.
Groups of components should be made. By creating groups every component will work together effectively. By grouping components, you can easily select and match the components with your own generated your own PC.
PC part Picker contains a good layout of the website or app. So that the customers can get through the app easily and find their required components in no time. It also saves time and leaves a good impact on their minds. Otherwise, the website having worse layout can create doubt in the customer’s mind and they find it useless and wasting of money and time as well.
Compatibility of the components matter in every PC, so it’s up to the website to provide compatible parts to customers they are looking for.
Why Compatibility of a PC Components matter and how to look over them?:

If you are planning to build your own PC, the foremost thing you need to know about is the compatibility. The components compatibility actually matters in every PC, because not processor is compatible to work with every motherboard. So make sure that the components that you buy are actually compatible with the previous one so it can fit well in your system and your PC will work precisely.

How you check the compatibility of components? If you are a new PC builder and this is also a challenge for you, then don’t worry. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. You can now check the PC component’s compatibility without even buying them. Yes, this is possible with the PC Part Picker website. You can add your chosen hardware to a list and the website will tell you that either this component is compatible with the existing hardware or not. It also tells you about the incompatible components.

How to Check Components Compatibility through PC Part Picker:

With the PC part picker website, you will now be able to check the compatibility of the components. The website solves the problem of the customers and Do it yourself, computer builders. To check the compatibility of the components, you should follow some steps.

Firstly, go to the PC Part Picker website and from there select the System Builder from the menu. System Builder contains a list of components like CPU, Motherboard, and memory. Add all the components which you need for your build by hitting the blue button. After adding the components, look at the bar which is right here below the link. If the bar will turn out green and labeled as Compatible see notes below then it means that components that you choose for you built are compatible with your hardware.

On the other hand, if the bar will turn red and say compatibility warning, it means that the component which you choose for your build are incompatible and have potential issues. Click on details to know exactly which component is not compatible.

How to Budget the Selected Components?:

Anyone who wants to build his or her own PC should know about the costs of all the components. Basic components of the build consist of a motherboard, RAM, Graphics card and CPU. The cost of these components should be considered. Besides these basic and important parts, other components and their costs can also keep in mind.

You just have to plan your budget and make sure that all your components and parts for your build are completed in this budget. You just have to make a rough sketch in your mind about your build. Suppose you are building an ordinary build than $1000 or less than $1000 is enough for your built. For mid-range build $1000-$2000 will be enough and for high end build more than $2000 will be enough.

On PC Part Picker you have to go, System Builder at the bottom of the page. The website contains the price of all the components. By selecting components that you need, you can view the price of those components and it helps you to maintain your budget.

How to Select the Right Components?

The main question arises in the mind of customers that how to select the product that I need? Pc Part picker website can also solve this problem. By going on the website, you can go to the Browse Products option. Browse Products provide a list of products that you are looking for. It also shows you the price and other features of the product. Compatibility Filter option is also available which helps customers to know that either this component is compatible with your build or not.

The most useful feature of this is that you can see the price of that specific component on various online retailers. Graphs and reviews on the website also help you make an accurate decision about your components.

Check the Total Wattage of Your PC:

When you start building your own PC, you will also need to know the power requirement of your system. This website also tells you the power requirement needed for your build. Some people end up buying power supplies with a much higher wattage than they need and others end up buying power supplies with such a low wattage that it doesn’t work perfectly in the PC.

PC Part Picker allows you to choose a suitable power supply for your build. It will show you the accurate power supply for your system and you can easily choose an accurate power supply for your system.

Points to keep in mind while Choosing A Power Supply:

The main points which you should keep in mind while choosing a power supply are that neither you want to over-power your system by choosing a power supply of high wattage nor you want under-power your system by choosing a power supply of low wattage. You should choose the power supply that perfectly fits in your PC and meet all the requirements of your PC.

Power supply plays an important role in your PC. It can damage the whole system if it chooses wrong. You should buy the power supply of high and good brands that worth the money. Do not go for the cheaper one as it destroys your PC’s components and also harms your hardware.

Share the Website (ShopWomp) with Community:

If you’re new to building PCs and you really want to develop a good PC by using the PC Part Picker, then you must share your idea with your friends and other people. This done by giving feedback to others after selecting your components. After the component’s selection, you share your build ideas with your friends through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others.

At the top of the System Builder page, there is a link which you can use to share your build with others.

Is PC Part Picker is really helpful in making your first PC Easy?:

PC Part Picker is really a useful website that helps the beginners Do it yourself computer builders in making a good PC. From selecting the right parts for the user, checking compatibility, picking the appropriate power supply for the build, it helps them a lot. It gives maximum knowledge to its users by picking the right part for your build and gives them the confidence to prepare their own generated PC.

PC Part Picker Conclusion:

The final verdict of this article is that the PC part picker is really a good and reliable website to use. If you are planning to make your own PC and do not know much about the PC’s components than you just have to go to this website and give it a check. The website helps you in checking the compatibility of the components and also warns you if you are choosing a wrong component. Affordable prices and efficient components selling is the major priority of the website. Customers can also share their experience with the community if they like this website. Using this website helps you in creating a good PC of your need.

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