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Adjustable Posture Corrector

Adjustable Posture Corrector

Adjustable Posture Corrector

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  • INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHES: Thin & lightweight for everyday use at home, in the office, or at work
  • ORTHOPEDIC POSTURE CORRECTION: Fix undesirable slouching, hunching, scoliosis & office desk posture
  • EXTRA ITEMS: Includes massage ball to relieve muscle tension, cramps and to improve circulation
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Swiss Safe Guarantees Customer Satisfaction or Receive a 100% Refund!



50-80% of adults struggle with some type of posture-related issue, which can lead to a wide range of symptoms such as back and shoulder pain.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that bad posture has a massive impact on our long term health. Further studies show that the majority of people would majorly benefit from a posture correcting device, and our new Black Posture Corrector Brace is one of the best on the market.

When people slouch for prolonged periods of time, their bodies begin experiencing a wide range of problems including Headaches, Muscle Fatigue, Body Aches, Back Pain & Discomfort, Poor Focus, and General Feelings of Unhappiness.

Our braces are guaranteed to improve your posture in no more than 30 days or your money back, no questions asked! Take the next step towards a more confident and healthy lifestyle with the help of the Womplife Adjustable Posture Corrector.


Our new Black Posture Corrector Brace takes only 1 hour per day of use for 2 weeks or less before results become undeniable.

You will notice a more aligned and upright posture, and will feel more healthy and confident overall.

Bad posture brings a wide range of negative side effects along with it, and back pain is the number 1 cause of doctor visits word-wide.

With the rise of smartphones and extended periods of time spent sitting at our desks, bad posture is becoming an epidemic that only continues to get worse. Take control over your health with the help of Posture Perfect!


Feel the Posture Perfect difference from Day 1.

Don’t worry about having to wait around for your posture to be corrected. Our Black Posture Corrector Brace guides you into an upright and tight posture from the moment you put it on.

Our sleek and easy-to-adjust design allows you to wear the Black Posture Corrector Brace anywhere you go, no matter what you are wearing! Wear it under a T-Shirt? No problem! Under a Jacket? That works too and no one will know where you’re getting that extra boost. You’ll be able to feel and look better anytime, anywhere by maintaining perfect and confident posture

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Posture Correctors Uncomfortable?

Yes, unfortunately. Until you get used to the feeling, it is completely normal for users to experience some slight initial discomfort. That is why we highly recommend starting with short 15-minute intervals per day to let your muscles adjust to being forced into new and unusual positions. The posture corrector works through applying a mechanical force to reverse years of muscle memory and promote tissue adaptation. As such, there is a fine balance to be struck between applying just enough force to promote adaptation, but not too much force that could lead to excessive muscle fatigue.


Can I Get Perfect Posture in 14 Days?

While many of our users claim to start noticing some visible results within 14 days, any product that claims to completely correct your posture within 14 days is more likely than not misleading. The individual variance between each person's starting points, diligence in use, and their body's unique adaptability are so great that it would be disingenuous to claim otherwise.


So How Long Will It Take?

Again, this is going to depend on each user's individual adaptability as well as their starting situation and diligence in use. Another way to think about it, is how long it takes for bad posture to develop in the first place. For many users, it is after a lifetime of sitting at a desk and having a tiny but constant force exerted on their neck/shoulders by gravity pulling their head down. To reverse this trend, we want to apply a much greater force in the opposite direction, in hopes of reversing the trend in a much shorter time period than it initially took to materialize.


Is There Anyone That Shouldn't Use This?

Posture correctors are meant to improve natural posture, not treat medical conditions, so if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, spinal injuries, extreme pain, or have had recent back/neck/shoulder surgeries, please consult with a registered medical practitioner before use. Likewise, if you experience any persistent pain, swelling, or discoloration in the area, please discontinue use and seek medical advice before continuing. As always, listen to your body, and go at your own pace!


How do I Pick the Right Size?

Take a tape measurer (or string if you don't have one), and measure the circumference of your chest from right under the armpits going all the way around.


  • If your measurement is between 28-38 inches, choose the Small size.
  • If your measurement is between 38-50 inches, choose the Large size.
  • If you are buying as a gift for someone else, we recommend Large for most adults and Small for most teenagers and petite women.
  • Wrong fit? Uncomfortable? Other worries? Let us know and we can give custom advice!


Thank you so much for fast shipping and the amazing ab stimulator. I've been using daily and am already seeing the results!

Chris J.

I ordered the ab stimulator and am so happy with the product. Super effective to use while I relax on the couch watch tv or play video games.

James T.

Thank you guys!

I was super surprised as a lot of people talk bad about this product, but it actually works amazingly! Got it from Noah Becks post, thanks Noah!

Sarah K.