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Men's Sweat Vest - Body Shaper

Men's Sweat Vest - Body Shaper

Men's Sweat Vest - Body Shaper

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This will increase your sweat rate in the gym if you're looking to cut that extra layer of fat! You can wear it under your shirt while working out or simply just wear it like a shirt! This will help with the process a ton!

Sweat Sauna Vest Is Your Ideal Workout Gear 

  • Wearing a Sweat Sauna suit while working out or while performing daily activities creates a hot sauna-like experience.
  • Special exercise workout shirt preserves body heat and helps you sweat up to 5 times accelerating fat burning. 
  • This waist trainer vest helps you to keep your posture right to prevent injuries when you workout. 
  • Sauna workout tank tops effectively make you sweat and the outside stays dry quickly. 
  • This men's sweatsuit maks you flat stomach instantly, strong core, and a fit look. 
  • It has no rubber smell, very lightweight and not bulky like other types of sweat apparel.


sweat vest

Upgraded Sweat Sauna Fabric

This men's sweat sauna vest is made of upgraded heat-trapping fabric. Sauna suit creates heat reflection and heat cycle quickly, improves blood flow to help you sweat like crazy within minutes of exercising, you can burn more calories to boost your workout.

Junlan sweat vest

Lightweight & Quick Drying

The waist trainer vest for men is super thin and soft, comfortable to your skin, and not bulky, you can move freely. Sauna workout tank tops effectively make you sweat and the outside stays dry quickly, not like the neoprene vest which becomes heavy after sweating a lot.

Junlan Sweat Vest

No Smell & No Allergy

The compression shirts for men's sauna sweat body shaper is used slightly elastic and gentle fabric. The snug fit of the sweat vest makes everything feel tight and toning the fat belly better.Sweat hot body shaper doesn't smell like a traditional neoprene sauna suit, no allergy, comfortable to wear all day.


Tips of Sweat Sauna vest

  • Hand wash in cool water with gentle detergent and let it air dry.
  • Better to wash it after each use, particularly after workout for fresh.
  • No Machine Wash/Bleach/Ironing, to maintain shape.


Thank you so much for fast shipping and the amazing ab stimulator. I've been using daily and am already seeing the results!

Chris J.

I ordered the ab stimulator and am so happy with the product. Super effective to use while I relax on the couch watch tv or play video games.

James T.

Thank you guys!

I was super surprised as a lot of people talk bad about this product, but it actually works amazingly! Got it from Noah Becks post, thanks Noah!

Sarah K.