Reasons To Buy Apple Watch

Reasons To Buy Apple Watch:

Apple watches are always in trend in this modern era. Due to sleek designs, good performance and use of the latest technology people always prefer to buy Apple watches. The series of smartwatches that are design and manufacture by Apple company. Apple always introduces innovative products for its customers. Apple watch is another innovative that Apple launches for its users. After the successful launch of Apple series 1, series 2 and series 3, Apple last year launched Apple series 4. This year Apple launched series 5 of the smartwatch and left people wondering by considering the new features.

Apple watches are the smartwatches that basically perform the function of a watch but for an individual its a complete lifestyle. Those who are addicted to it, it’s a complete phone and computer for them that fits in their wrists. Apple watches can do things in a smarter way. Besides checking the time, you can use it to view date, checking weather updates, view your notifications and more importantly you can control and link all your Apple devices with it. Apple Watch helps you with your health and keeps you motivated in meeting your daily fitness goals. Apple Watch is just amazing and excellent. No one can deny it’s effectiveness and efficient working.

Reasons To Buy Apple Watch

If you are planning to buy an apple watch or want to upgrade your apple watch by purchasing the latest 5 Series, then there are a couple of questions that come into your mind. Does Apple watch help me in my daily routine? Why should I buy an apple watch? What are the reasons? If you have all these questions wandering in your mind?  Don’t panic. All your answers are here in this article. The goal of this article is to tell you all the necessary reasons which enable you to buy an apple watch and you will save your money.

Should you get the apple watch or upgrade to new series?:

If you have the question what should I get an apple watch or should I upgrade to new series and you are confused at this point. Apple watches are worth investing due to the following reasons


  • Good LTE connection.
  • Help you in keeping you motivated.
  • Innovative designs and use of the latest technology.
  • Reliable to Use.


  • Expensive prices.
  • Battery life is not good.
  • Needs iPhone for the setup and start.

These are the pros and cons of apple watches which clearly tell you the advantages and disadvantages of apple watches. Now after this, the main questions that come in the reader’s mind is that what are the reasons for which we buy apple watches. Some of the main reasons which changed the mind of the readers and if they are confused about their decision of buying apple watches or not, then it will totally clear your confusion out from your mind. Read this article till the end.

Mandatory Reasons To Buy Apple Watches:

Here are some major reasons to buy an apple watch.

Redesigning of the Apple watch:

After launching of Apple watch series 4, Apple redesigned its watches and release a new one named Series 5. With the improved and new features, high performance and better design, Series 5 gained instant popularity among its users. Series 5 has a bigger display of 40 millimeters to 44 millimeters with thinner edges. Significantly faster performance than the previous version. S4 chip enhances the functioning of the Apple watch series 5. Along with this, there are many other features included in the Apple watch series 5. All the users and customers can buy and enjoy the interesting and amazing features that are present in series 5.

For TimeViewing:

As you all know that watches are used to view time and Apple Watches are also used to view time. Besides performing other tasks, it is also used to view time. When you want to view the time you just have to turn your wrist and the screen lights up and shows you the time and date. You can also add complications, with this you can use this for personalization, view world clocks, alarms, stopwatch, check wether activity and also sunrise and sunset timings. Complications allow you to view the phases of the moon, upcoming appointments, and other stock quotes. You can also enable complications in your apps and with this, you can perform different functions by enabling complications in your apps.

Serves As a Fashion Icon:

Apple watches are not only the watches but it recognizes itself as a fashion icon. It also wins several fashion awards in 2015 and in 2017. Apple watches have such iconic designs that it perfectly falls under the fashion category. Most people do not use it to view time and date but they use it for fashion purposes to look classy and stylish. If you are going to any event then you can pair it with your outfit and it looks perfect on you. It will never go out of style.

Smartwatch that Performs all the Function of iPhone:

The lastest Apple watches released by Apple are perfect, classy and innovative designs. The most responsive smartwatches are two times faster in performance and are the most responsive. It works as an iPhone especially the latest watches of series 5. The usage of Graphics-intensive apps like maps and jumping between apps makes it perform well. The key features that series 5 contains are

  • 32 GB Storage.
  • 64-bit-dual core S5 Processor.
  • 18 hours of battery life.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 that increase speed and double the rate of data transfer.

These features enable the smartwatches to function like an iPhone and make it performance super good.

Best For Sports Lovers & serves as a mini coach:

Apple watches Specially series 5 can contribute so much in your health and fitness so it is not wrong to say that it is your fitness-friendly watch. It can also the best option for sports lovers and serves as their mini-coach.

Water-Resistant Swimming Technology:

Apple watches series 5 consists of water-resistant technology that you can use in outdoor water activities. It can be used during swimming in a pool or in the ocean but restrain its use during scuba diving or other high-velocity water activities. Due to altimeter you can measure and track your laps during swimming.

For Hike Lovers:

When you are going to climb mountains and do hiking in mountains then you can bring your apple watch with you. GPS technology used to watch help you to measure your altitude and thus help you during your hiking.

Tracking of steps:

If you are having a long day and have many tasks to do and do not find time to go to the Gym. Then your apple fitness freak watch is always here for you. Altimeter and GPS technology present in the watch can track your steps and count them and tells you how many calories you burned throughout the whole day.

Gives you Motivational messages:

Apple Watch sends you motivational messages which encourage you throughout the day. It always checks and is your best friend of all time. It is your best fitness freak watch.

Use for communicating:

The basic function of a watch is to view time, but for Apple watches it is quite different. Besides viewing time, Apple watches have multiple other functions. Apple watches are also now used for communicating people. The idea of doing Communication through watch would never be heard before. Apple can surprise its users by introducing this feature in their watches. If you are busy in a meeting and in some business deals and some is calling you, you can’t look at your phone so you can communicate with them through your Apple watch. Just look at your wrist and see who is calling then you can give them a reply by using your apple watch.

GPS+ cellular model in series 4 Apple watch can contribute more to the communication process. You can communicate with whom you want without little effort or no effort.

For Apple pay:

Apple Pay is the most interesting and amazing feature the Apple Watches contains. Through Apple Pay, you can make a purchase and pay by using Apple watch Apple pay feature. Simply presses a button and takes it to the terminal. It doesn’t reveal your real credit card number or any other personal information. Moreover, you don’t need to take your wallet and iPhone out to pay.

The presence of a heart rate monitor can detect your skin and if you lose your apple watch then it automatically shut down so no one can see your personal details.

Control Your Apple TV:

Along with controlling other Apple devices, you can also control Apple TV with your Apple watch. With Siri in iPhone and HomeKit integration, you can not only control Apple Tv but control other home devices which include lights, thermometer, blinds, fans, and other home devices.

Who Should Buy an Apple Watch?:

After considering all the reasons to get an Apple watch we have a rough idea that who can get an Apple watch and who receives advantages of it.

  • If you are a fitness freak and health-conscious then you definitely go for it.
  • If you are a sports lover and like hiking and you need a mini-coach, then you are good to go with Apple watch.
  • If you want to keep yourself updated about what’s going on your iPhone but you don’t want to take it out and spend less time, then apple watch also helps you with this.
  • If you want to get yourself acquainted with the new and innovative technology of apple watch then definitely give it a try.
  • If you want to experience the mini-computer on your wrist then it’s a good option for you to get an Apple watch.

Who should not  purchase an apple watch:

Here are those people to whom Apple watches don’t suit and they avoid purchasing them.

  • Those who don’t have an iPhone or any other apple device should not buy this.
  • Those who have less budget also avoid purchasing Apple watch.
  • Those who don’t know or not interested in using the latest technology.
  • People who don’t like any mechanical or digital devices also should not purchase it.

Alternative of Apple Watch in 2019:

Okay, after discussing the reasons why one should get an apple watch, the main reason to buy is due to its performance, working, and technology. But for some, it is comparatively the most high end. Due to a limited budget, everyone does not give it a try. So now the most suitable option for them is the alternative of Apple watch. The Best alternative of Apple watches in 2019, is the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. Samsung Galaxy smartwatches are also effective from the technological end and perform the same function which Apple watches are supposed to do. Now have a look at the features.

Wireless Charging:

Like apple watches, Samsung Galaxy smartwatch also charges with wireless charging cables.

 Classy design:

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches have a good build and have classy designs one is looking for.


The most effective feature of this watch is that it is relatively low-cost and thus we can that it is budget-friendly and of course user-pocket friendly.

Good performance:

It has all the features that the latest watches contain and have high performance and working. It is easy to use and everyone can easily use it. The reliability and compatibility of the product are ensured.

Reasons To Buy Apple Watch Final Verdict:

If you are planning to buy an Apple Watch of any series and want to upgrade your apple watch then reading this article can hopefully solve your confusion. In this article, we indicate all the necessary reasons which give you an idea about your purchase. The significance and purpose of Apple watches are also described in this article. Apple watches can contribute to your daily life by telling the significance of health and fitness. Sports lovers can also get benefit from it. Moreover, business persons who don’t have enough time to check their phones can also give them benefit and save their time and worth their money. Apple watches have such amazing and excellent features that everyone out here can give it a try and get themself acquainted with the latest version of Apple watches.

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